About Us

Coolbellup Dental

Coolbellup Dental was created to provide the highest quality dentistry by experienced dentists at the best possible price. Feel free to compare our prices and decide for yourself.  We provide patients with filling materials sourced from the best companies in Germany and USA. Our equipment are also sourced from Germany and USA and all materials are biocompatible and mercury-free. 

Our Experienced Dentists Across 2 Branches

Dr Sadha Shiv Gupta


Dr Sadha Shiv Gupta is an experienced dentist who graduated from The University of Western Australia.  Dr Shiv is highly skilled and competent in implant placements including single, multiple and full arch rehabilitation cases. He has been lucky to have been given some very complex cases over the years and as such developed very fine tune understanding of the intricacies of the dental implant and Invisalign restoration cases. In his spare time, Dr Shiv participates heavily in CPDs across Australia, including being a part of the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry and International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Dr Shiv loves to dance, spending quality time with his group of trusted friends and also has a very adorable German Shephard. 

Dr Steve Doyle


Dr Stephen is an experienced dentist with over 35 years in the industry. He loves doing extractions  complex wisdom teeth surgery and also has in depth knowledge on flaps and grafting. He is here to be of service to patients. We have sometimes seen him whip out wisdom teeth in under 5 mins and has done over 40000 extractions in his dental career! What a champ! He see patients on selected Tuesdays and by phone bookings only. 

Dr Vish Selvaraj


Dr Vish is our highly skilled and experienced dentist who has worked across different states in Australia including rural WA and Sydney. He graduated from The University of Western Australia and is able to do surgical extractions and wisdom teeth removal. He is loved by his patients across our two clinics here and his patients describe him as kind, thorough, calm and composed. Outside of work, Dr Vish loves playing tennis, and is has become quite good at it. He proudly says that he now has a ranking in Australia and goes for friendly tournaments whenever they do come up.  Dr Vish also keeps fit with early morning cross fit classes and has a cute and adorable puppy called Tilly! Dr Vish is here to be of service to you. 

Dr Harman Singh


Where do we even start with the fabulous Dr Harman Singh. A highly skilled, experienced and competent dentist who on top of her dentistry qualifications, is now pursuing her specialisation in maxillofacial surgery! She would be one of the very handful of dentists in all of Western Australia to be double qualified in Medicine and Dentistry. The number of dentists who would have her qualifications in Perth could probably be counted with your number of fingers. This is quite an achievement! Dr Harman is superb with her surgeries, root canals and fillings all alike and a terrific pillar to our team.

Dr Jazeera Faizal


Dr Jazeera is an outstanding and highly experienced dentist who is probably also our patient favourite. She makes everyone feel at ease, while completing all treatment to a level of perfection, very much like a Graceful Swan. She is described as thorough, calm and meticulous by her patients. Dr Jazeera is excellent at the broad spectrum of dentistry and can can also do extractions, wisdom teeth removal and root canals. Dr Jazeera is here to be of service.

We do know that a number of Coolbellup residents have government concessions and we do accept government patients.